Walking in Mind

A Trail of Thoughts


When I first came to live in Sant Pere de Ribes I could find no detailed map of my immediate surroundings, of the woodland, the hills, the pathways. If, over the months that followed, I began slowly to understand more about the lie of the land, then it was by walking the many trails and discovering where they led me. As I walked I found, as always, that my mind would also head off down its own paths, inviting me to learn something new about my personal landscape. Outsight, insight. On a good day these respective paths merge, and the stories they tell resonate with one another. So why not join me as I walk. Maybe our conversation will be a new place of learning for us both.

About the Author

A Cornishman by birth, I have lived in Catalonia since 1998. Although I trained and have practised as a clinical psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist, I now work solely as a freelance scientific translator and editor, an activity that allows me more time for walking and for my travels in and between Catalonia and Cornwall, and beyond.