Walking in Mind

A Trail of Thoughts

A Loss Foretold


No words here these days and weeks. It has been a time of listening, of uncertainty, and sometimes it is best to remain silent. Keats spoke of negative capability, and psychoanalysis has made a virtue of being able to hold one’s words in the face of not knowing. But a time comes when something has to be said. To be offered. Doubts prevail, but as one of my Catalan psychoanalytic tutors used to say: “S’ha de dir.” You must say it.


For Maria

Two hands, 85 and 88.

First entwined in ’55,

they’re at it still,

holding on

and holding out

against an imminent farewell.


Not long now,

she knows,


until her hand will close

around his absence,

seeking still

that wordless love

to see her through the days.



Author: Alan Nance

Old bones creak along the trail. Words often elude me at my desk. I can't go on. I'll go on.

13 thoughts on “A Loss Foretold

  1. That’s beautiful, Alan. Sad and beautiful.


  2. This is beautiful. The simplicity of your words paints such a vivid and emotional picture. My thoughts are with you all.


  3. Heartfelt and poignant Alan. Very touching and beautiful.


  4. Having said goodbye to my mother-in-law this spring, your beautiful post really struck a chord with me, Alan. Such a touching and poignant testimony. Thank you.


  5. We find rest in those we love and we provide a resting place in ourselves for those who love us.St Bernard of Clairvaux


  6. Beautiful and poignant. Spreading my arms around you x


  7. Alan, you have brought tears to my eyes and rightly so, poetic and very moving.


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