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A Sweep of Sheep

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For a brief moment,

as they charge up the slope,

they mime

a new collective noun.


In the field beyond they slow

into a familiar formation –

languid, nibbling.

I stare at them

long and hard,

but can’t for the life of me

see beyond a well-worn f-word.



Leaves the


Caught in the already



Author: Alan Nance

A Cornishman by birth, I have lived in Catalonia since 1998. Although I trained and have practised as a clinical psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist, I now work solely as a freelance scientific translator and editor, an activity that allows me more time for walking and for my travels in and between Catalonia and Cornwall, and beyond.

One thought on “A Sweep of Sheep

  1. A flock of frolicking fleeces


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