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With A Few Steps Into The Past, The Walking Year Begins


The path ended at the edge of an almond grove, and there at the far end we saw what remained of the hermitage. Passing among the trees we noticed that some of them already bore their first flowers, as white as the snow that this year has yet to fall.


The wizened tree that stood snug against the north-facing walls must surely have taken root long after the stone was raised.


Circling the ruins we found a way into what would have been the nave.


Once inside, we saw that the ribs of the carcass had been picked clean by time…


…but at the eastern end the curve of the apse was still distinct.


As we entered the recess where the altar would once have stood, we glimpsed a ghostly visage in a niche, a reminder that this was a place where people once dwelt.


Author: Alan Nance

A Cornishman by birth, I have lived in Catalonia since 1998. Although I trained and have practised as a clinical psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist, I now work solely as a freelance scientific translator and editor, an activity that allows me more time for walking and for my travels in and between Catalonia and Cornwall, and beyond.

2 thoughts on “With A Few Steps Into The Past, The Walking Year Begins

  1. I liked this Alan and I can see the spooky face. xx


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